Incredible; Musikoma-Kanduyi Highway Bungoma and real estate industry in Bungoma Part 2

Incredible; Musikoma-Kanduyi Highway Bungoma and real estate industry in Bungoma Part 2

The first part of this article dealt with implications of Musikoma-Kanduyi Highway Bungoma on the real estate industry in Bungoma focusing on three estates; Musikoma, Mjini and Chepkube. This part of the article will handle the same topic in relation to three other estates; Mashambani, Marell and Kanduyi.

Morning Star fully furnished apartments in Bungoma
Morning Star Fully Furnished Apartments Mashambani

Despite there being many highways fronting businesses, Mashambani is majorly a residential estate. It is home to quite a number of establishments such as Bungoma Tourist Hotel, Kenya Industrial Estates Offices in Bungoma, The Cereals Board Head Offices in Bungoma, Tourist Annex Hotel, Mushroom Hotel, Pamus Teachers Training College and many others.

The most distinguishing factor about Mashani estate is its quiet and serene environment that makes you feel relaxed when you get to this estate. It quickly gathering pace as one of the most coveted residential real estate destinations in Bungoma the latest development being the Morning Star Fully Furnished Apartments which is one of its kind in this part of town.

The Musikoma-Kanduyi highway Bungoma will only open this estate further to the world and make it even more investing worth. Prices for  plots of land measuring 15000sq feet (50*100) range between Ksh. 700,000 and Ksh 25m depending on location and suitability for either commercial or residential development.

Investing in both commercial and residential real estate in Mashambani guarantees you high returns on your investment.


2 Bedroom Apartments to rent in Bungoma
Barbara’s Apartments Marell

Marell is majorly a residential estate. It is mostly known for its superbly organised residential houses and apartments. Perhaps this is what accounts for its popularity over other residential estates in Bungoma.

Marell is also regarded as the safest estates to live in Bungoma because it is home to most middle income to high income earners in Bungoma. Because of these factors, properties in Marell are the most sort after majorly for residential purposes.

Some of the establishments that stand out in Marel include The Duke of Edinburgh HotelBarbara’s Apartments and Redvilla Hotel. Marel’s status will be further improved by the Musikoma-Kanduyi highway Bungoma which will serve to take accessibility to the estate to a whole new level.

This will spill have a spillover effect of raising the price of real estate property in the estate. Currently, prices for undeveloped plots of land measuring 15000sq feet depending on their proximity to the main highway range between Ksh.1m and Ksh10m.

Because of its perception as a premium residential estate, you are assured of not only a quick return on your investment.


3 Bedroom Apartments to let in Sikata Bungoma
Sikata Gardens Kanduyi

The last point of the Musikoma-Kanduyi highway Bungoma is marked to be Kanduyi. Kanduyi is growing at an astonishingly high rate. Some of the latest notable businesses and establishments include the newly established Tesia Supermarket, Hass filling Station, Sikata Gardens Apartments, Drips Restaurant and bar and Isuzu Auto Showroom.

Its location along Eldoret-Malaba Highway makes it prime for different business ventures which flourish because of the readily available market. Commercial and residential property in Kanduyi is a hot sell with an assurance high and quick return on investment.

As compared to Chepkube, Kanduyi has more opportunities for investment for those seeking to own property because it’s fairly large and spacious. Its close proximity to Kibabi University makes it very ideal for hostels for the students at the university who are desperately in need of places to stay as the university does not have its own residential facilities for students.

Depending on the location from the major roads and highway plots in measuring 15000sq feet range between  Ksh. 500000 and Ksh 10m.


To sum it all up, the Musikoma- Kanduyi highway Bungoma is expected to have a very big impact to Bungoma town and its environs especially the estate directly affected. For the real estate industry in Bungoma, property prices are expected to soar in double and even triple digits.

The implication of this is that it will cost you more to own property in Bungoma if you wait until construction of the highway is done. We make the process of owning and managing property in Bungoma smooth and efficient.

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